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  • Synopsis:
    A fresh spin on “Reality Television”,
    Boystown: West Hollywood follows the dynamic lives of seven, GAY MEN living together in the historically gay epicenter of Southern California known as West Hollywood or “WeHo” as the locals call it.

    Originally filmed in 2006, the cast returns a decade later as we take a look at how their lives have transformed, and watch where their amazing stories go from here.  

    Boystown: West Hollywood is the Reality Television version of HBO’s hugely successful five season series “Queer As Folk”.

    With Reality Television being a staple for most broadcast networks, there is currently no content that highlights the drama and diversity specific to the Gay male experience.  

    The “Boystown” franchise features seven gay male strangers from all walks of life, living in a shared residence for six weeks.  The residence can be located in any predominantly gay male neighborhood, and can ideally be produced in every major city that features a strong community. The concept of “Boystown” is to replicate the blueprint of both the “Real Housewives” and “Real World” franchises, in terms of their multiple locations, and their decades-long successes.  

    The cast of “Boystown” enjoys the benefits of living in a stylish luxury residence, where we witness the drama unfold and the conflicts arise; as a mesh of seven different personalities from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, collide under one roof.

    Driving each season are fresh new faces, personality conflicts, and romances, with each cast member generating their own brand of organic drama.  As storylines unfold, issues prevalent in the gay community will naturally arise such as HIV, same sex marriage, drug abuse, and bullying.  And as real life tensions differ from day to day, heroes and villains change places, leaving viewers in baited anticipation for next week’s episode.

    A flexible concept with international appeal, the “Boystown” franchise will reflect the ever-changing social & political evolutions of the present – all while keeping it “real”…

    Inexpensive in terms of Reality TV (due to a constantly rotating cast), the majority of the budget will be allocated to residence rental, crew, equipment and amenities. After a successful Season One, our desire is to franchise the “Boystown” concept to U.S. locations such as Boystown-Lakeview/Chicago and San Francisco/California, or international locations such as London/England and Sydney/Australia.